Code HP17BII+
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  • Statistics and Mathematics List based, two-variable statistical analysis.
  • STD deviation/mean/weighted mean. forecasting, correlation coefficient: linear, logarithmic, exponential, power.
  • +,-, x, /, %, 1/x, +/-, ex, n!, yx, Σx, Σx2, Σy, ´y2, Σxy.
  • LOG, LN, 10x, PI, EXP, NItime and data management clock, calendar, appointments, and alarm.
  • Date arithmetic (1528.10.15.~9999.12.31)
  • Number lists, edit, sort, store customizing features •hp solve application
  • Memory capacity unlimited within available memory.
  • Custom menus system internal precision up to 12 digits.
  • 28k additional user RAM
  • Power-off memory protection.
  • Decimal-point selection.
  • Multiple languages: German English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese.
  • Entry-system logic: RPN, ALG. Adjustable contrast. Beeper on/off
  • Users manual, leather pouch, prompt ON card and addendum card included

2 lines x 22 characters, 131 x 6 dot matrix + indicators; LCD with Adjustable contrast
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2 year Warranty