Code HP10BII+
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  • Over 100 built in business and math functions
  • Parenthesis for grouping expressions TV (loans,savings,leasings)
  • Amortisation
  • Register based cash flow analysis NPV,IRR
  • Interest rate conversions
  • Markup and margin as % of cost and price,% change
  • Statistical/Mathematical features
Built-in functions
Over 170
Statistical functions
Statistical analysis; Standard deviation; Mean; Prediction; Correlation; Probability
Math functions
Trigonometric/inverses, Hyperbolics/inverses, Square root
Financial functions
TVM: loans, savings, leasing; amortization, cash flow analysis (45): IRR, NPV, NFV; depreciation: SL, SOYD, DB; bonds, interest conversion, margin/cost of sales, break-even analysis, date calculations

2 year warranty