Casio FX-CG20AU

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The  fx-CG20AU is Casio’s next generation colour graphic model that carries on the tradition of innovation.

The fx-CG20AU features a new high resolution colour display which enhances the mathematical learning experience. It also has 4.5mb of storage memory built-in which is an increase on its predecessor the fx-9860G AU PLUS, which has 1.5mb. The additional memory means you can now have the ability to store more add-in applications that provide more learning opportunities. For existing users the new machine operates the same way, but with improved technology, it also calculates faster.

Some key new features are:

  • High Resolution Colour Screen

Multi-colour, high resolution means that mathematical symbols look correct and graphs can be distinguished by their colours.

"Screen printing" means investigating aspects of functions is clearer than ever before – for example, investigating the slope of a tangent as it moves, in real time, along a function.

You can also ponder nature’s paths as picture can be viewed on the wonderful screen.

  • New functionality and applications

Real-time calculation of integrals – enhance understanding.

Modify – investigate the effect of changing parameters.

Probability simulations – roll dice, spin spinners and more. Collect and view summaries of data from pseudo-random events.

Picture Plot – analyse pictures and animations mathematically.

Physium – the periodic table and more.

  • Teacher support software

Fx-CG series manager (emulator) – for both Mac and Windows

Screen receiver software – so students can share their ideas with the class

  • Improved connectivity with a PC

Inbuilt USB mass storage means that backing up and data transfer are easily accomplished by plugging in the hand-held unit.

  • Speed

The new fx-CG20AU is equipped with a faster CPU than the fx-9860G AU PLUS

  • A familiar operating system – The fx CG20AU operates the same as the fx-9860G AU PLUS but with improved technology

  • If you can use the fx-9860G AU PLUS you can use the new fx-CG20AU as the core way of operation is the same

Manufacture warranty 12 months

Abacus extend to a 2 year warranty