Casio ClassPad fx-CP400

Code CP400
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Overview - WACE Approved

The ClassPad series continues to evolve as the next generation machine is optimised for use in the classroom. The new fx-CP400 is the first ClassPad model to boast a 4.8 inch colour display. The fx-CP400 offers intuitive stylus and finger touch operation. It also supports horizontal screen view. Simply switch the display between vertical and horizontal screen views by a touch on the icon panel.   Main features include:

  • 4.8" colour display
  • Finger or stylus touch operation
  • Horizontal screen view
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
CLASSPAD   ClassPad II (fx-CP400)
fx-CP400 OS 2.00
ClassPad 330 PLUS
ClassPad 330 PLUS OS 3.10
Hardware LCD Color more than 65,000 colors monochrome
  Size 4.8 inch 3.6inch
  Dot Matrix 320*528 160*240
Touch Panel X X
Dimension 206.0 x 89.0 x 21.1 mm 189.5 x 84 x 21 mm
Weight 320g 280g
3Pin X X
Horizontal View  X -
Battery Type  AAA*4
Battery Duration  100h 140h
User Memory Flash Memory   24MB 6MB
Flash Memory2 for eActivity 5.5MB 5.5MB
RAM   500kB 500kB
Usability Multi-Window   X X
Drag&Drop Operation   X X
Pinch-in / Pinch-out
(Graph&Table, Conics)
  X -
Slider   X -
Functions Calculation CAS X X
Laplace/Fourie/Delta/Gamma X X
Complex X X
List X X
Matrix X X
Vector X X
Vector Equation X -
Base-n X X
User Defined function X X
Main/Calculator Application   X X
Interactive menu X X
Statistics   X X
1-Var/2-Var X X
Regression X X
Test/Interval/Probability X X
Stat Graph X X
Spreadsheet     X X
1-Var/2-Var   X X
Regression   X X
Test/Interval/Probability   X X
Box Plot/Histogram   X X
Scatter/XY Line   X X
Bar Chart/Pie Chart   X X
Probability Graph   X X
Graph by Numeric Data   X X
Graph/Sheet Color Settings   X X
Color Link   X -
Cell Operation (If/Sum...$A)   X X
Import / Export csv   X -
Graph&Table     X X
y= graph   X X
r= graph   X X
Parameter graph   X X
X= graph   X X
Inequality Graph   X X
Modify   X X
Trace/Zoom   X X
Root/Intersect/MinMax/Integral   X X
Tangent   X X
Grid/Axes   X -
Background Picture   X -
Table   X X
Summary Table   X X
3D Graph     X X
Conics     X X
Sequence     X X
DiffEq y'=   X X
x'=/y'=   X X
y1'=/y2'=   X X
Geometry     X X
Object Drawing   X X
Object Handling   X X
Construction/Transformation   X X
Graph   X X
Measurement   X X
Animation/Slider   X X
Object Color Settings   X -
PicturePlot     X -
Interactive DiffCalc     X -
NumSolve     X X
Financial     X X
Program     X X
Documantation Tool     eActivity eActivity
Communication Handheld to Handheld   X X
Handheld to PC / PC to Handheld   USB Mass Storage USB Mass Storage
Screen Capture   Screen Receiver
Screen Receiver
Direct Projector Connection   X * X *
Sensor Connection     E-CON2 E-CON2
Physium     X
Settings KeyboardSetting Qwerty/Azerty/Qwertz/ABC   X X
Imaginary Unit     X X
Custom Key Settings     X X
Language English/German/French/Spanish/Finnish   X X

Manufacture warranty 12 months

Abacus extend to 2 year warranty